100% Green, Bio-diverse, recycled EXANTE garden improves mind, body, and the environment

Wealthtech EXANTE’s Connected garden at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show aims to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of people by connecting them through nature. The all-green garden has no hard surfaces or concrete, and uses trees and plants which support biodiversity.

Designed by Finnish horticulturist, Taina Suonio, Connected, by EXANTE, features a three meter Oak Tree stump as its centrepiece, which is designed to be an ‘office’ in nature. EXANTE purposefully chose the oak as the tree contributes to the surrounding biosphere in many ways – as a home, food source and part of the water cycle. Up to 100 different species can live in or on one oak tree, or feed on its various parts. As a result, conservation of oak forests is vital to the wellbeing of the earth, meaning we’re not only supporting people’s wellbeing, but also that of the planet.

Following the show, the garden will be relocated and continue to improve the wellbeing of patients receiving treatment for blood cancer at University College Hospitals (UCLH) Grafton Street building.

A global study by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) found that 51% of people reported that the COVID19 pandemic negatively impacted their mental health.

Being in nature can boost our mental health, wellbeing, self-esteem, improve our concentration, and provide psychological restoration, according to a report from the WWF and the Mental Health Foundation.

Model and mental-health campaigner Jodie Kidd has shown her support for the garden and will visit on May 23rd and 24th.

EXANTE prides itself in creating a healthier workplace for its employees. Therefore, the garden represents an outdoor working sanctuary amongst nature, representing the company’s encouragement for a healthier work/life balance.

Find out more here and follow the build across EXANTE’s social media platforms.