A gold at BBC Gardeners’ World Live!

“Bayer Garden – Situs Hortus” scooped a gold medal and picked up the award for most innovative show garden at this year’s BBC Gardeners’ World Live!
Designed by ITV1’s This Morning’s gardening guru David Domoney “Bayer Garden – Situs Hortus” (which effectively means drought garden), featured some of the world’s toughest plants from hostile desert-like regions where conditions are intolerable for many plant types.  Some of the varieties on display could survive for up to a year without a drop of water!
This garden was the second collaboration between Bayer Garden and David Domoney.  The first, “Aqua Hortus with Bayer”, was the silver gilt medal winning underwater floral display at the Chelsea Flower Show. 
Tommy Gill, Head of Bayer Garden, explained: “Innovation is one of the key success factors in developing our business and this project gave us the opportunity to meet our consumers and discuss their needs in a relaxed and appropriate environment. Talking, chatting and listening has given us a deep insight into what our consumers need at the point of sale therefore benefiting our potential to help them and indeed our customers to drive sales at the fixture.”
For further information please call 01223 226500 or visit http://www.bayergarden.co.uk/

MINI MEDIA PLAYERS DRIVE SALES Bayer Garden is enhancing point of sale for its stockists with the launch of its mini media players designed to boost sales and educate consumers.
A first for the UK market, the motion activated mini media players are small, shelf mounted TV screens showing short, informative films on each of the products they accompany. They have been introduced as part of Bayer Garden’s “We Can Help” programme designed to educate both stockists and consumers on the garden care products within its portfolio.