An exciting 2017 anticipated for the new SBM Life Science business

SBM Life Science, formed following the sale of Bayer Garden to SBM in October 2016, has announced a partnership strategy designed to drive growth.

“Our vision for SBM Life Science is to become a worldwide leader for home and garden solutions, offering an innovative portfolio that will meet the evolving expectations of our customers,” explained Darren Brown, head of SBM Life Science Limited.

“Following the finalisation of the acquisition of the Bayer Garden business back in October 2016, the new SBM team here in the UK have been working very hard to set up our new company. We have not only been busy trying to help ensure a seamless transfer of business from Bayer Garden to SBM Life Science Limited, but of equal importance, we have spent a great deal of time talking to our valued customers and business partners. During the last few months the SBM team have met with a large number of customers, gathering the feedback needed to help build the new business in a way that will excite and meet the future as well as the current needs of the market.

“A major way in which our new company will realise its ambitious vision will be by working closely with our customers in a true partnership for growth strategy, to jointly develop innovative plans that will positively shape the future.”

SBM Life Science already has brands including Baby Bio, Phostrogen, Toprose and Provado within its portfolio, and informed by the feedback from customers, along with a firm commitment to innovation, the company says it will be seeking to further expand its offer to the UK market.

To help customers begin to become more familiar with the business, the company has launched a new website (, giving retailers a little further insight into the new company’s scale, know-how and ambitions.

Darren continued: “Every member of the SBM team in the UK is excited to be building up our new business, and is motivated by the aspiration of creating a true global leader in home and garden solutions.

“In the UK we have already started realising that ambition by strengthening and increasing our organisation to prepare us for an expanding future.”