breezes in with new eco-friendly AIR™ range

Over 90% of our children breathe in toxic air every day. Emissions, exhaust fumes and fossil fuel combustions render our living, working and leisure spaces a major health risk, with deaths attributed in some part to air pollution hitting the realms of 7 million every year, according to the World Health Organisation.

Mature trees are in the front ranks of this fight, their foliage absorbing and purifying air. But now there is a new enlisting to the infantry: AIR™ from With every square metre of AIR™ replicating the air purifying skills of a mature tree, an average size AIR™ treated lawn can pack the same pollution-busting punches as 50 mature trees.  One average lawn can contend with over 1 kilogram of nitrogen oxide per year, neutralising the equivalent of a car engine’s emissions running 20 kilometres a day for a whole year.

Eco-friendly, air-purifying, self-cleaning artificial grass

Award-winning, ahead of the curve in synthetic turf products and development, brings this  new string to its bow this Spring 2021. Sales and Marketing Director, Andy Driver, praises its introduction and its impressive contributions to the improvement of air quality: “We are really excited to be launching our eco-friendly AIR™ range. For our products to be able to play their part in purifying air quality it is quite remarkable. It is going to be of particular benefit in major cities across the UK where pollution is a significant issue, and a cleaner solution is needed. Not only can our products be recycled at the end of their life, but they will also now be continuously contributing to a better environment throughout their lifecycle.”

In a global marketplace forecast to be worth £4.2 billion by 2023*, long have products been recognised for their stability, durability and quality. No stranger to pushing the boundaries in synthetic turf, the company’s launch of the AIR™ range steps it up yet further, utilising ground-breaking AIR™ technology in the material’s treatment prior to supply and installation.

AIR™ treated grass addresses common factors identified from customer feedback and will put an end to lingering odours from pets and any threat of mould, moss or algae – all eradicated with the advent of AIR™, right from Day One. But it is its air-purifying facets are the gems that really set AIR™ artificial grass apart from other options. The innovative AIR™ range uses technology capable of oxidising organic components, noxious particles and unpleasant odours at a molecular level by up to 70%.

AIR™ in action, cleaning the air

Activated by sunlight, AIR™ artificial grass, pre-treated in its production process with AIR™ technology powered by Pureti, helps remove nitrogen oxides and dioxides from harmful car emissions and industrial output.  Its eco-friendly, air-purifying, self-cleaning solution combats methane build-up from animal excretions and household emissions such as formaldehyde, present in cleaning products, cosmetics and pesticides. In essence, AIR™ artificial grass looks good, smells good and contributes to a healthier and cleaner atmosphere and eliminates the reliance on biocides and pesticides.

AIR™ technology

But how does this work? The technology is impressive. When UV or direct sunlight strikes the AIR™ treated surface, it activates self-cleaning photocatalytic TiO2 particles. AIR™ uses this energy to transform humidity into powerful oxidizing agents that destroy harmful organic compounds and pollutants in the air, naturally returning them to harmless water vapour.  This process repeats millions of times per second, destroying pollutants and allowing cleaner air to continuously circulate across the AIR™-treated surface.

With its anti-bacterial and odour-removing benefits as well as its air-purifying capabilities, AIR™ fulfils all the criteria associated with all ArtificialGrass.comproducts – durability, instant visual impact and low maintenance – but now with its additional environmental benefits.

The technology used in AIR™ received the winning accolade at the iSCAPE** (Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe) Project “Horizon 2020”, a programme to reduce pollution throughout the European Union.  The technology is being used in partnership with NASA, Google and Apple.

The AIR™ range from

As part of the Evergreens UK Group who pioneered the concept of artificial turf over 35 years ago, the trusted merchant supplier has built a comprehensively professional range of artificial grass products and accessories, installed project-after-project by skilled landscape, roofing and grounds specialists across the UK.
Available in two varieties to suit aspect, purpose, finish and desired end result, you can request samples of either Clarity AIR™ (a soft touch 30mm lawn with natural multi-green tones) and Active AIR™ (a rich green, deep 32mm grass, ideal for the busy family garden) from

For further information and to start your AIR™ journey for domestic, commercial and public landscape projects, call 0800 246 5566. AIR™ is suitable for gardens, roof and podium landscapes as part of a fire- and wind-tested accredited system as well as play areas and public open spaces. What a video about the product here:

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** Research findings from iSCAPE (Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe) was a European research and innovation project active from September 2016 to December 2019.