Ashapura announces photo competition winner

Joni Redpath, a 26-year-old merchandiser from Surrey and her cat, Rubens, are to front a new marketing campaign for Ashapura’s market-leading PURA cat litter brand, after winning a photo competition to promote National Pet Month.
One-year-old Rubens is a pedigree Korat, a breed that originates from Thailand. He lives with his brother Schumi – they were named after the former F1 Ferrari team-mates. Schumi is also a competition winner, having won the Pet Month competition in Selfridge’s recently.
“Rubens is extremely affectionate, demanding constant cuddles and kisses,” said Joni.  “He loves to talk and I think he believes he is human.”
Korats are very verbal cats. 
“He also has a wicked side to him and he is obsessed with being up high, constantly jumping on top of doors and he recently got stuck in a tree. He loves to explore and enjoys playing games. He dislikes being left out; he has to be part of every occasion. He also comes as part of a pair, he is extremely close to his brother (they are identical) spending every moment together,” she said.
Miss Redpath bought the cats from “a fantastic breeder”, Claire Harding-Brown, in Berkshire.
In addition to a initial £300 modelling fee, Joni receives £1,000 worth of cat litter to donate to the charity of her choice.
Commenting on the competition and new marketing campaign, Ashapura’s President of Marketing, Vijay Chaudhari said: “We wanted to portray the relationship between the owner and their cat – pets are an important part of our lives.”
PURA will be running further competitions throughout the year.  Entrants should e-mail their photos to
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