Bird care brand advises retailers to stock up for National Nest Box Week

Bird care brand Peckish is reminding retailers to stock up for National Nest Box Week (running from February 14 to 21) to take advantage of those coming into store to find a home for feathered friends.

National Nest Box Week is well publicised in the national press each year. Its call to action is for households to buy and put up a nest box, ready for birds to move in during the forthcoming nesting season. The week is run by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) as a way for everyone to help address falling bird populations during recent years.

The brand has highlighted its nest boxes, including the Blue Tit nest box, Robin nest box and Easy Change Wood nest box, as they are designed to BTO standards and are made from FSC 100% certified wood. Peckish notes that the BTO standards ensure entrance holes are the correct size for different breeds, and the wood is strong enough to deter predators.

Peckish also produces Peckish Nesting & Young Bird Mix specifically for the nesting season, designed to help adult birds reproduce and develop healthy eggs, and build up the strength of young chicks.

Peckish senior marketing manager Rachael Dickinson commented: “This is a well-publicised event, which attracts a substantial amount of coverage in the national media each year.

“By creating themed displays in the front of store, link selling Peckish nest boxes together with Peckish Nesting & Young Bird Mix and feeders, retailers can create attractive displays that meet consumer needs and provide encouragement to increase till spend.”