Dancing Bee flies from strength to strength

Enquiries from garden centres to stock Dancing Bee gardening DVDs continue to fly in following the company’s best ever Glee exhibition.

The fully stocked POS merchandising stands can now be found in more than 100 garden centres across the UK – 30 of whom signed up as a result of seeing them at the NEC.

The display stand measures 133cm by 45cm and holds 72 DVDs. It’s eye catching design stands out on the aisles and, being produced in cardboard, is easy to manoeuvre around.

They are free with orders for 72 DVDs, which range in price from £6.99 to £12.99. Titles range from “How To Grow Roses” and “How To Grow Vegetables” through to “How To Encourage Wildlife Into Your Garden” and “How To Grow Trees And Shrubs”.

Dancing Bee’s Andrew King explained: “The concept of well produced gardening DVDs is now firmly established both as a gift item and as a visual aid guiding gardeners through a range of tasks.”

For further information on Dancing Bee and stocking the DVDs, e-mail Andrew.king@dancing-bee.com or telephone 07808 901 281.