DRU announces new streamlined Dik Geurts 2-sided wood fire

Dik Geurts is the brand name for the wood fires and stoves that are designed and manufactured by DRU. The latest Dik Geurts model is a new, streamlined version of its popular Instyle 2-sided wood fire.

The Instyle Corner Slim 660/495 has a continuous glass window, giving the best possible view of the flames. It is 660mm wide with a slimline depth of only 495mm, allowing for greater flexibility of installation.

The standard model has an A energy label, with a 75% energy efficiency rating, which can be further improved by the option of external air connection. This means no air is drawn from within the room and no additional ventilation points are required, the ideal solution for modern, well-insulated homes.

Finally, like most of the Dik Geurts range, the Instyle Corner Slim 660/495 is Ecodesign ready, complying with all European emissions and efficiency regulations.