DVDs offer the best profit return per square metre

One of the UK’s leading horticultural business consultants, Neville Stein, has identified DVDs as the product that generates the best profit return for the space they occupy within garden centres.

“In a recent exercise to identify cash gross profit achieved per square metre in garden centres, DVDs were found to be the highest. They were certainly very profitable items stocked and also achieve very high stock turnover,” he said.

Dancing Bee has responded with a package that offers garden centres a 151 per cent return on investment and a massive £2,132 return per square metre – a freestanding display containing 72 “How to” DVDs and customers also get a free counter top display holding 18 “Top Tips” programmes. The trade price of this package is £336 (plus VAT) and together they take up 2.56 square feet.  The combined gross return is £844.

For further information on Dancing Bee and stocking the DVDs, visit http://www.dancing-bee.com/ or contact Andrew King on 07808 901281.