Earth Matters Provides An Entirely Natural Choice

The Earth Matters range from Westland Horticulture – whose motto is ‘Garden health for everyone’ – is a range of products made from 100% sustainable ingredients.  The brand has been expanded to include growing media, feeding products, weed, insect and slug controls that has been specifically created for those gardeners who desire a more sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly alternative in their garden.  Earth Matters provides all the products required to perform key gardening activities and delivers a clear choice for organic gardening enthusiasts.

Keith Nicholson, head of marketing for Westland, explains, “One in ten garden purchases is motivated by ‘green’ factors and a massive 69% of consumers are concerned about ethical and environmental issues as part of their purchase decision.  Earth Matters’ products enjoy the perfect profile for this group.”

Earth Matters now covers:

Growing: Earth Matters Growing Media focuses on four key areas – multi-purpose, container, ericaceous and grow your own.  Using 100% sustainable resources, each of these growing media products provide a peat-free alternative, enriched with nutrients and Westland’s unique West+ for superior performance.  Earth Matters Multi-Purpose Compost, which was recommended Best Buy by Gardening Which?, is joined by container, ericaceous and Earth Matters Fruit and Vegetable Planter.

The feeding range of Earth Matters uses natural methods to grow healthy fruits and vegetables.  The 100% organic concentrate is balanced to provide the right amount of nutrients every time.  Earth Matters Natural Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food is available in 1 litre with a rrp of £3.49.

To compliment and complete the range is the Earth Matters controls.  Including a Natural Weed control, insect control and slug repellents – giving consumers the complete sustainable solution.

extract, pelargonic acid that will control the weeds on contact and allows results to be seen in hours.  Perfect for controlling both weeds and moss on drives, patios and footpaths.  This ready-to-use one litre spray has a rrp of £3.99.


A broad spectrum of pests can now be tackled with Earth Matters Natural Insect Control.  This 100% plant based insecticide containing pyrethrin and leaves no residue behind and fruit and vegetables can be eaten the following day.  This one litre ready-to-use spray has a rrp of £3.99.

Earth Matters Slug Blocker Gel and Granules in this range provide a non-toxic and chemical free barrier around plants.  The granules also add a touch of decoration around pots and containers.  The Slug Blocker Gel comes in a 750ml bottle with a rrp of £3.99 and the granules are contained in a 2kg box with a rrp of £4.99.