Easy gardening ideas from Squire’s

In order to dispel some of the myths around gardening and encourage visitors to take the plunge and get gardening, Squire’s Garden Centres recently held a competition between each of their garden centres. The aim was to show customers that gardening can be really easy and full of fun.

The purpose of Squire’s ‘Easy Gardening’ competition was to inspire customers with simple, cost-effective and creative ideas that could easily be replicated in their own gardens at home.

Squire’s chairman Colin Squire and deputy chairman Sarah Squire judged the competition. Squire’s in Milford won the ‘Best Focal Point’ award, and Squire’s in Chertsey won the award for ‘Best Showcasing Of Easy Gardening’.

Commenting on the winners, Sarah Squire said: “Squire’s in Milford won the ‘Best Focal Point’ award as we thought that their design captured every element of the competition. It looked stunning and was full of really good easy gardening ideas from plants to products. The use of the gazebo gave height and made the display stand out from wherever you were in the plant area. Plus everything was really well explained to show customers how to re-create the look in their own garden.

“We gave Squire’s in Chertsey the ‘Best Showcasing Of Easy Gardening’ award. They had some great ideas for how to get the best out of a small urban space. The use of the two levels here was really clever, with pots hanging on the railings, and even a ‘tea for two’ set on the balcony. It shows people how to create height even when space is limited.”