Embrace to give four-star enjoyment

Just launched in the UK is Embrace, a premium range of candles from Bolsius, which combine the practical benefits of excellent burning characteristics with the emotional benefits derived from using a candle to enhance a special occasion.

Embrace is made from high quality, natural wax and has 100 per cent cotton wicks. To mark the difference between these candles and others, Bolsius has devised the four-star flame symbol which guarantees Embrace’s excellent burning behaviour:

  • Guaranteed burning time – it burns for the hours stated.
  • A steady and bright flame – the wicks are specially made; the number of threads, the tension of the thread and the type of cotton are all critical.
  • A clean flame with little or no soot or smoke – due to 100 per cent cotton wicks.
  • Non-drip – due to the combination of the best wax and the special wicks.

Embrace candles are available in a number of different sizes, styles and colours. Included in the range are Tealights, Pillar Candles, Table Candles, Gift Sets and a Décor range. All are packaged in such a way as to stimulate and inspire the consumer and will help grow the candle category.

For more information please contact Ivyline on 024 7621 7600 or e-mail sales@ivylinegb.co.uk