Fiskars’ annual Happiness and Wellbeing Study

Fiskars has released the results of its annual Happiness and Wellbeing Study, which analyses consumer insight into gardening and its beneficial effect both on physical and mental wellbeing. The results are more poignant than ever due to this current period where consumers are spending more time at home.

The study is centred on finding out how gardening impacts people’s lives and it highlights that gardening is a welcome escape from stressful lives. Almost 90% of people responded that they believe that gardening increases happiness, with 95% agreeing it is a good way to keep physically fit.

Additionally, 88% of people surveyed also stated that gardening reduces anxiety or stress. It offers an opportunity to get outside in the fresh air, as well as providing a real sense of purpose and achievement. 88% of people believe that working on their garden is just as important as enjoying the results.

According to the study, this extra time has provided many consumers with an opportunity to learn new skills, such as growing food, which almost nine out of 10 of those surveyed said is a great way to care for their family.

Exclusive spring trade offer

To support Fiskars’ consumer-focussed Happiness and Wellbeing Study, the company is also offering a 2020 spring trade offer, which follows on from a successful campaign that took place last year.

This offer, running until the end of June, is designed to both incentivise garden-loving consumers and drive retail sales uplift when garden centres do safely re-open to the public. The offer rewards shoppers who spend a minimum of £50 on Fiskars products between 1st March to 30th June 2020, by sending them a £10 voucher if they are still happy with their purchase after 60 days. If the customer spends £100, they receive a £20 voucher. They can then return to the retailer and spend the voucher on anything in store. In the unlikely event the customer is unhappy with their Fiskars purchase after 60 days, they will directly refund 100% of the cost of the product to the consumer.

Quality products that are a cut above the rest

Fiskars has a range of high-quality gardening tools to help consumers tend to their garden and enjoy spending this extra time at home. Range highlights include the unrivalled garden cutting tools which form the company’s Solid range. The Solid Snip Pruner, Shears and Tree Pruner combine ease-of-use, comfort and proven performance for all cutting and pruning tasks undertaken by passionate gardeners and those new to the activity.

Constructed from composite plastics for the handle and body, with precision-ground steel blades, the Solid range guarantees reliability and satisfaction for customers keen to do the very best job.

Georgina Taylor, Trade Marketing Manager at Fiskars, says: “We are dedicated to making gardeners’ lives easier here at Fiskars, and as the nation is spending more time in their garden, it is now more important than ever that we continue to support our trading partners.

“In a highly competitive marketplace, we intend to continue to stand out so that our retailers and customers benefit from easy access to our products, are rewarded for their purchasing loyalty and have even greater choice going forward.”

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