FITO drip feeders keep houseplant sales flourishing

How can you make extra profit from your houseplant sales? Simple – offer your customers FITO Drip Feeders alongside your orchids, citrus and other houseplants. These small, colourful vials of plant food have been in the Garden Centre Best Sellers Top Ten (Grow Retail Best Sellers Charts January to May 2008) every week this year and the Number One Best Seller for 12 weeks.

So what makes FITO Drip Feeders so successful? It’s all about making plant care easy. When shoppers buy a new houseplant they want to look after it well and keep it looking healthy. But most people aren’t really experts at plant care and many are not sure about what to do, so something that gives them a ready made solution and that works automatically is the perfect answer. Shoppers probably don’t enter the store intending to buy a plant care product along with the houseplant but by merchandising Drip Feeders with the houseplants themselves, there’s a high linked sale effect, with some garden centres reporting selling as many as seven Drip Feeders to every ten houseplants. Retailing at 99p each, this adds welcome profit to each sale.

There are FITO Drip Feeders for Orchids, Citrus plants, Bonsai, Azalea, Cactus Plants, Foliage Plants, Flowering Plants and even an ‘All Plants’ version, so it’s easy for shoppers to find exactly the right one for the plant they’re buying when FITO Drip Feeders are placed alongside the houseplants.

And because they really work, automatically providing just the right amount of nutrients as needed, once people have used a Drip Feeder, they tend to come back for more, often trading-up to the five-pack lines which typically retail at £3.75. This means more repeat sales and higher value sales too.

Houseplants are popular all year round, so FITO Drip Feeders are an excellent way to ensure you’re making the most from every sale opportunity throughout the year.

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