GARDENA Announces 2022 Sustainable Gardening Innovations

Global premium lifestyle gardening brand, GARDENA, announces a new range of eco-friendly products for 2022 plus clever watering, robotics and hand tools.

Introducing the GARDENA EcoLine range, intended as a clear symbol of its commitment to the environment and the sustainability of its products.

The new range consists of watering products including a tap and hose connector set made from 90% recycled plastic material plus a watering sprayer, oscillating sprinkler, hand trowel, weeding trowel and patio weeder, all made from at least 85% recycled plastic. A pair of secateurs made from at least 80% recycled plastic also completes the range.

Most of the recycled plastics come from recycled household waste, such as films or packaging. Taking into account the properties and functions that the different products have to fulfil, GARDENA experts have worked out the possibilities and limits of the material composition down to the very last detail with special emphasis placed on uncompromising quality for functionality and durability.

All EcoLine products include a 25-year warranty and are presented in 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging, printed with water-based ink.

In 2021 GARDENA launched its new modern lifestyle system for the garden, ClickUp, one handle and endless possibilities. For the 2022 garden season, the system will be made even more versatile with three new attachments and a balcony clamp for city gardens. The new attachments include the ClickUp! SolarLamp, ClickUp! WindLight, and ClickUp! BirdBath, all of which can be attached to the new BalconyClamp for balcony railings. The linear design of the new attachments seamlessly matches the style of the existing ClickUp! range. Durable and low-maintenance materials guarantee clever functionality, and each product also comes with a GARDENA 5-year warranty.

Every drop of water counts and with the new GARDENA AquaCount range, passionate gardeners can save water by watering precisely and with the right amount. The range includes the GARDENA Water Meter AquaCount which accurately tracks water consumption so water can be deployed according to requirements and in a targeted manner. The new GARDENA Watering Sprayer AquaCount is ideal for gently watering plants, users can read the rotating water meter display at any time when watering to always keep a close eye on water consumption. For watering lawns, the new GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler AquaCount with integrated water meter sprays water only where its needed. The reach, sprinkling width, and volume control can be set easily and intuitively.

The GARDENA Pipeline offers the ideal solution to water different areas in the garden. This permanent underground system can transport water to anywhere in the garden, by allowing gardeners to install a water source with complete flexibility wherever it is needed. New Pipeline watering accessories include the Water Tap and Oscillating Sprinkler. Connected to the Pipeline Water Station, gardeners can conveniently water any area of the garden.

The new Liano Hose Storage TapFix makes it even easier and more convenient to store the GARDENA Liano textile hose. Simply attached to an outdoor tap, it sits firmly on the tap with no need for any drilling or screws.

Bringing a whole new dimension to intelligent lawn care, GARDENA introduces LONA (Localisation and Navigation) GPS-based technology to its new generation of smart SILENO city and smart SILENO life robotic lawnmowers. Via the GARDENA smart App, LONA offers numerous options for individually configuring the robotic lawnmower, including GPS-based navigation, zone management, and position determination in real time.

The new GARDENA smart SILENO city and smart SILENO life robotic lawnmowers also start the new garden season with an updated control panel cover.

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