Gardena launches new TV and multi-media campaign

Celebrating the 50 year heritage of the Original Gardena System, garden industry supplier Gardena is seeking to inspire gardeners this spring with the launch of a nostalgic, nationwide TV campaign with the strapline: ‘Bringing life for 50 years’, hailing the brand’s promise of leak-free watering for more than fifty years.

Launching on May 1 2018, the 19-second ad kicks off an integrated 360° spring campaign demonstrating how the Original Gardena System has evolved, with historic footage appearing in the ad and a focus on the famous ‘click’ of the hose connectors, the brand explains.

Gardena, part of the Husqvarna Group, continues to invest in UK advertising, following a successful 2017 campaign – the first in a decade for the brand.

Gardena UK national account manager Paul Simpson commented: “We are delighted to launch a full circle media campaign to build wider awareness amongst passionate gardeners, whilst hopefully motivating others to trial the Original Gardena System as well as our other products, including watering and cutting tools.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure this campaign is fully targeted to hit consumers with spikes during key calendar moments in the gardening season. It’s a big step for us and one we’re really excited about.”

Finecast Addressable TV channels such as Sky 1, 2, Atlantic and Living, Channel 4 and Paramount, as well as catch up channels will feature the ad during carefully selected programming to ensure to capture the imagination of those likely to have an interest in gardening, Gardena explains.

The campaign will be supported by a series of full page print display ads, a national radio campaign with Smooth FM and a multi-digital campaign encompassing sponsored content articles, native online video, pay-per-click, mixed format adverts and criteo product adverts.