Garland urges retailers to secure stocks ahead of 2019

The launch of over 40 new products at Glee 2018 coupled with developments elsewhere in the industry has contributed to a significant surge in sales for garden care products manufacturer, Garland Products/Worth Gardening, the company has announced.

The company’s sales have risen by 90% in the past month and by 50% on the overall year. The company is keen to alert new customers to potential availability problems unless they notify Garland of their future requirements.

Garland/Worth Gardening sales director Mark Dedman (pictured) commented: “We have worked closely with garden and hardware retailers for many years and know only too well the difficulties that retailers have in estimating their future stocking requirements. However, it is in their interests to communicate their future ordering expectations to their suppliers unless they wish to risk being left high and dry in the spring of 2019.

“If retailers talk to their suppliers now it will give those suppliers the opportunity to invest in the necessary extra stock for the coming season. Retailers that sit tight and hope that stock will be available at short notice next year may be disappointed and this is something that we are trying to avoid. Garland has always invested heavily in order to provide its customers with products they require and at short notice. We are determined to continue with that policy but input from the retail sector is vitally important to help us in our aims.”

He added: “In spite of heavily increasing our stock and warehouse capacity for 2018, we were frustrated in having to turn away some new customers in March, and whilst we have invested further still in stock, the same situation could arise early next year if new customers leave it too late.  We would urge retailers that have not yet placed orders to contact us now to avoid disappointment.”