GIMA secures strong retailer line-up for Buyer Connect


Garden and home retailers, Klondyke Group, Crocus, Wayfair, Haskins Garden Centres are all confirmed to take part in GIMA’s upcoming networking event next month.

GIMA confirmed today that the horticultural buyer from Klondyke Group is the latest addition to the roster of retailers set to take part in the Buyer Connect session on May 29.

This speed networking event allows potential suppliers to meet with key garden retailers in timed 20-minute appointment sessions.

Klondyke Group operates 22 garden centres throughout Scotland, England and Wales. The five Scottish-based centres trade as Klondyke Garden Centres, with the 17 garden centres in England and Wales operating under the name of Strikes Garden Centres. The group’s horticultural buyer would like to see suppliers of the following: wild bird care, fertiliser, gloves & garden footwear, garden chemicals, propagation, tools, watering & garden accessories.

Meanwhile, the Crocus team is responsible for sourcing products for its own websites, well as working with affiliates at the RHS, Waitrose and Next – for which the team runs their websites, buys, ranges and prices for each of these and distribute to customers directly from Crocus’ warehouse and head office in Windlesham for all brands. In terms of categories, the team will focus on core garden/gardeners’ gift.

Crocus buyers are interested in suppliers of any of the following product categories: pots & containers, garden tools, obelisks & arches, plant support, mulch, feed & weed, potting & propagation, gifts for the garden/gardener, irrigation, garden clothing and footwear, raised beds, water butts, wildlife, garden tidy, hanging baskets, screening, cold frames and grow houses, pest control, storage, plant protection, birdcare, cloches, compost and composting products.

They do not sell anything over 10kg on compost, or sell landscaping, so do not want to see anything on those categories.

Haskins operates four of the largest destination garden centres in the country and has ambitious plans to expand further over the next few years.  The team from Haskins are interested in meeting potential suppliers of the following products: garden furniture, barbecues, garden décor, garden lighting, water features, building materials, garden lifestyle, outdoor pots (non plastic), compost, chemicals, outdoor plastic pots, garden sundries – mats, watering, propagation, gardening gloves, plant support, hanging baskets etc, garden tools, Seeds.  Lower priority categories include pets (to feed back to pet buyer) & birdcare (to feedback to birdcare buyer).

As a leading online retailer, Wayfair is interested in meeting any potential suppliers of garden furniture, structures, sheds, garden décor, garden lighting, summerhouses. It is not interested in machinery, tools, gloves, seeds, bulbs, fertilisers, chemicals or growing media. Suppliers must be able to process and pack individual orders, support a supplier portal and provide regular inventory updates.

If you are a supplier interested in attending, please visit the GIMA website for full details and application forms.