Greenfingers product displays to drive Garden Re-Leaf day

With Garden Re-Leaf Day on the horizon (13th March 2020) now is the perfect time for garden retailers to think about how they’ll be supporting the annual fundraising event.

One idea could be to add a dedicated Greenfingers product display at the heart of the store, showcasing all the products that leading garden suppliers have launched to help raise funds for the children’s hospice garden charity. Products to include in the Greenfingers display, each of which donate a sum to the charity for each sale made, include the Vivid Arts Rabbit figurine, Woodlodge’sterracotta ‘Greenfingers’ pot, Zest 4 Leisure’s Tiverton Charity Planter,Evergreen Garden Care’s Miracle-Gro compost packs, and Wharton Roses ‘Rosy Cheek’ rose.

Linda Petrons, director of fundraising and communications said: “We feel so incredibly lucky to have the support of such well known and beloved brands and know that their Greenfingers products are helping to get the charity in front of thousands of potential supporters every year. Together these products have the potential to raise tens of thousands of pounds for the charity; funds that will enable us to add more gardens to our wish list for 2020 and beyond. The fact that a simple grouping of these products can – and will – drive sales during the peak gardening sales period as well as during the Garden Re-Leaf weekend is a no-brainer, and we hope that garden retailers will consider adding such a display to their stores this year.”