Help your customers’ ponds spring back to life

Recent weather may make you think otherwise but spring really is on its way. So now is a good time for retailers to make the most of sales opportunities from the pond sector by providing good help and advice to customers who want to prepare for the season.

Chris Nickson, Marketing Manager at Tetra UK, advises: “Prominent end of gondola displays of key pond products, such as foods and water conditioners, will remind customers that they should be getting ready for the start of spring and provide additional opportunities for you to get to know and advise local pond owners.”

Two key products that can offer noticeable results for pond keepers and add incremental sales in early spring are TetraPond Colour Sticks and TetraPond AquaSafe. Colour Sticks can be used to quickly restore the colour of fish after the winter, whilst AquaSafe should be used after a partial water change to remove chlorines and heavy metals. A partial water change is beneficial in the spring to restore valuable minerals lost over the winter.

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