Home and Garden Group takes on Floralands Garden Centre

The Home and Garden Group have today announced that Floralands Garden Centre in Nottingham has joined their group, becoming their 9th garden centre.


One of the fastest growing Garden Centre groups, Home and Garden is a family run business, operating both a large production nursery in Bedfordshire and 9 garden centres across the UK.


Claire Gill, Marketing manager for the Home and Garden group said ‘We are delighted to announce that today we have welcomed the 9th garden centre to our group. Floralands is a wonderful centre, full of history and will fit in with our other centres perfectly. We are looking forward to bringing our ethos of being ‘The Gardeners Garden centre’ to Nottingham, and our reputation for high quality plants at affordable prices.


The group has grown from 4 garden centres in the summer of 2014, to today where it becomes 9.