JensenGrill launches in the UK

This month sees the launch of JensenGrill in the UK.

The Danish barbecue brand has appointed Que Fresco Ltd as its distributor for the UK and Ireland. Que Fresco managing director Paul Yates will be leading sales and marketing for the business.

Combining charcoal briquettes and gas in one unit, JensenGrill offers the option of choosing char-grilling or gas-grilling, or a combination of the two.

Paul Yates commented: “The gas barbecue sector is a huge growth area in the UK and the JensenGrill brings something absolutely unique to marketplace, the only full gas and charcoal barbecue you can buy. JensenGrill gives you the perfect balance of charcoal flavour with the control, convenience and cleanliness of gas. Use the gas grill to light the charcoal which will be at cooking temperature in 15 minutes, and then cook exclusively on open coals or boost with additional gas. This ultimate level of control and taste means that JensenGrills are enjoyed by professionals and enthusiasts alike.”

Paul is currently developing a network of suppliers in the UK as well as investing in a marketing campaign for the brand.

There are three sizes available in the JensenGrill range, with retail prices starting at £2,395 for the smallest to £3,795 for the largest.