Key products from Neudorff remain strong despite poor weather

Despite an exceptionally tough start to the 2018 gardening season, sales of key products from weed, feed and control brand, Neudorff have remained robust, the company says.

Neudorff sales director Jude Beharall said: “Whilst the first quarter of the year has been a challenge, a number of our key products have continued to thrive, mainly across our weed and pest control and range with Ant Killer, Pyrol Bug & Larvae Killer, Cat Repellent and Sluggo performing well along with Fast Acting & Long Lasting Weedkiller.

“Now that the weather is improving we are beginning to experience more shoots of green growth and expect to see an increase in solid and liquid fertiliser sales and lawn treatments in the coming weeks and months in preparation for the summer, along with steady on-going sales across pest control.”

Neudorff launched the UK’s first range of nematodes that do not require refrigeration for the 2018 season, the three varieties for targeting leatherjackets, lawn grubs and vine weevils have been successful.