Look out for free Tetra Easy Wipes with AquaSafe

Tetra, the global leader in fish food, treatments and equipment, is delivering banded promotional packs of Tetra AquaSafe with free samples of Tetra EasyWipes and a care leaflet, giving consumers the chance to test the product for free. 

Chris Nickson, Marketing Manager for Tetra UK, comments: “Giving consumers something for free is always a popular choice! Since the launch of Tetra EasyWipes last year sales have been strong. This promotion aims to extend that success for us and our retailers by encouraging more people to try the product and benefit from its high quality cleaning power, easily removing limescale and algae.” 

Promotional packs will automatically replace standard Tetra AquaSafe packs for a limited period.

For further information contact your Tetra sales representatives by calling 08700 554020 or e-mail tetrauk@tetra.net