Maxicrop arrives in SBM warehouse

Following the announcement in September of the partnership agreement between SBM Company and Valagro, the first delivery of the Maxicrop brand of organic seaweed based fertilisers has arrived at SBM Life Science’s Shrewsbury warehouse, the company has announced.

With a 50-year history, Maxicrop is one of the leading manufacturers of seaweed extracts in the world. Used by farmers, growers and gardeners in over 40 countries, its range of bio-stimulant products improve soil and plant productivity.

Garden centres and others in the trade have responded very positively to the announcement.

Talking about the benefits of SBM Life Science taking forward the Maxicrop brand, Simon Whitehead of Hall’s Garden Centre said: “We have stocked Maxicrop products here at Hall’s Garden Centres for over 20 years and our traditional customer base come back year on year to replenish their stocks. We are delighted that SBM now have the Maxicrop brand under their belt – it will be a great asset to them and we look forward to seeing what SBM will do to push the heritage brand forward in the coming years.”

SBM Life Science UK head Darren Brown commented: “Welcoming the first delivery of the Maxicrop brand into our warehouse was an exciting moment.

“Maxicrop has a deservedly loyal following amongst committed gardeners.  They know how effective it is and use it every season to give their plants what they need to thrive.  Our mission is to take this great range to a wider audience so everyone, from beginners to experienced gardeners, benefit from its proven positive effects.”