Monolith Ceramic Grills launches UK arm

Barbecue brand Monolith Ceramic Grills has launched a UK presence to grow sales in Britain.

The German based barbecue manufacturer has appointed Que Fresco Ltd as its UK distributor for UK and Ireland. Managing director of Que Fresco, Paul Yates, will be leading sales and marketing for the business.

The luxury brands aims to deliver the ‘ultimate in build quality and design’, the company says, with the barbecues inspired by Japanese Mushikamado, a system of cooking in clay, to be capable of baking, grilling, smoking and roasting.

UK director Paul Yates said: “It’s clear that the ceramic barbecue is the next big thing and demand continues to grow so I’m really pleased to be working with Monolith in the UK. They are one of Europe’s leading charcoal barbecue brands, and probably the ultimate ceramic barbecue you can buy. The low air circulation of the Monolith delivers supremely juicy cooked meats and the unique smoke pellet feeder system allows you to add extra flavour during cooking.

“The Monolith stands above other barbecues thanks to its design, build quality and versatility. It’s a barbecue you can use at any season, whether it’s grilling steaks in summer or using it as a ceramic oven in Winter; in fact the Monolith can smoke, roast, bake bread and sear steaks, moreover you can even cook pizza or use it as a tandoor.”

Monolith barbecues come with a ten year warranty and are made from heat resistant ceramic and high grade stainless steel.

Paul is currently developing a network of suppliers in the UK as well as investing in a marketing campaign for the brand.

Monolith is available in different sizes, from the Monolith Junior which retails at £360 to Monolith Classic with a retail price of £895 and the extra large Monolith Le Chef, which retails at £1,495.