New Bahco screwdriver offers that ‘bit’ more

Bahco’s new Ratcheting Bit Screwdriver incorporates a clever six-bit storage compartment within the palm of the handle.

Combining five outstanding features in one, the general purpose, multi-bit driver has been specially designed to help facilitate a swift bit-change while on-site.

“We understand that busy tradespeople don’t have the luxury of time on their hands,” says Bahco Managing Director John Lovatt. “Our research and development teams invest significant resource in creating solutions that help to counteract common frustrations.

“All our products go through extensive trials with trade end-users. It’s through this process that we can identify their specific wants and needs, and in doing so, develop tools that genuinely aid the jobbing trades in their daily working lives.”

Bahco’s new Ratcheting Bit Screwdriver is competitively priced at a recommended retail price (excluding VAT) of £22.40.

An attractive counter display package of 10 sets is also available for merchants.

For more information on the Bahco tool range please contact SNA Europe on 01709 731731.