New range of pump and pressure sprayers launched by Gardena

Designed for gentle irrigation or the distribution of plant protection agents and homemade fortifiers, gardening enthusiasts can browse the new Gardena Pump and Pressure Sprayers and buy the best suited product for their garden.

The new range of Gardena Pump and Pressure Sprayers offers the right device for every application: tender plant care with fine-mist irrigation, fertilising and plant protection.

Both indoor and outdoor plant care can be complex, it involves so much more than simply choosing an appropriate spot and regularly topping up with water.

Natural plant protection and the fortification of plants using homemade mixes and remedies have become increasingly popular. With this the all new Gardena Pump and Pressure Sprayers are perfect for applying such products precisely, comfortably and in the correct doses.

A gentle mist for delicate plants

Passionate plant lovers often grow seedlings themselves. To do so successfully, it is the little things that count, especially when it comes to watering. With the new Gardena Soft Sprayer, seedlings are watered exceptionally gently and in the right volumes through the drip nozzle or spray head which is required for their development.
Following on from this, indoor plants are also very demanding, gardeners can now use the new Gardena Pump Sprayer to supply a gentle mist over the leaves of the indoor plants.

Three new models are available (0.75 litres and two 1 litre models). The Gardena 1L EasyPump Pump Sprayer makes application particularly convenient because it is battery-operated. This means you can spray at the touch of a button.
Due to a special, very flexible tube, no air is sucked in, therefore the pump sprayers also work in a slanted position. The sprayers with 1 litre capacity also feature a second opening. This enables easy opening without getting wet as well as simple emptying without the spray head dripping, and the lid can also be used as a dosing cap for products such as fertilisers and plant protection agents.

Effective and convenient plant protection support

The smallest of the Gardena Pressure Sprayers has a capacity of 1.25 litres and can be used in many different ways, both for plant care in the garden and on a balcony or terrace. The high-quality brass nozzle can be moved 90° in this model, making it perfect for under-leaf application.
With three other models, the Gardena 5 L Comfort Pressure Sprayer, the 5L Plus and the 5L EasyPump, gardeners can provide plant protection agents and homemade solutions effectively and in the correct doses.

The nylon filter helps to strain homemade mixes. All have a capacity of 5 litres as well as a wide foot rest for secure positioning and ergonomic pumping. The 5L Plus and 5L EasyPump pressure sprayers also feature a second opening for easy opening, scaling and emptying. A telescopic spray lance with angle-adjustable spray nozzle provides even more range and flexibility. The convenient Gardena 5L EasyPump Pressure Sprayer with lithium-ion battery is ideal for those who want to avoid strenuous pumping.

For more frequent application over greater ranges, in an orchard for instance, gardening enthusiasts can rely on the new Gardena Backpack Sprayer with 12 litre capacity. The ergonomically shaped container can be comfortably worn on the back. The straps can be placed on both sides, making the device equally suitable for right and left-handed users. A telescopic spray lance provides even more range. The backpack sprayer is also available as a “Plus” version with pressure gauge for constant pressure control.

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