New sustainability programme from Squire’s Garden Centres

Squire’s Garden Centres has signed up to The Planet Mark to help drive its sustainability efforts.

Squire’s managing director Martin Breddy explained the move: “Increasingly, our customers and colleagues have been asking us what we are doing to become more sustainable. Whilst we have numerous initiatives in place and are making progress, we know there’s much more that we can do.

“The Planet Mark will ensure that we meet our reporting obligations, but more importantly, it will inspire us to deliver tangible sustainability progress for our customers. We were also encouraged by their relationship with the Eden Project, who have been a close partner with them since the very start.”

The Planet Mark certification scheme is a three-step process.

Measure & Record       

Firstly, expert independent auditors will conduct a formal measurement of energy, waste, travel and other elements that consume carbon in Squire’s, and compile a report that complies with global protocols.

Employee Engagement

Secondly, The Planet Mark will work with Squire’s senior team to cascade the programme to all employees, inspiring them to become involved.

Communicate                                                                                                                                                                 Finally, the team will create a communication plan for Squire’s customers, explaining the steps being taken to improve the company’s carbon footprint.

The first year for Squire’s will involve data collection, measurement and employee engagement, with their main consumer communication starting in 2021.