New waterproof pond food bags from Tetra

Tetra, makers of the UK’s best selling pond food, has made major improvements to its current packaging in time for the start of the pond season. All four, seven and 15 litre packs, which were previously available in boxes, have been upgraded to high quality, waterproof re-sealable bags.  The new bags significantly improve the storage of the fish food, protecting it from light and humidity, and keeping it fresher for longer. 

Rupert Bridges, Product Manager at Tetra UK, comments: “The packaging upgrade is important for retailers because it helps maintain consistently high quality fish food. Over time, light, air and moisture all act to breakdown or alter key nutrients, such as vitamins and amino acids. Our new bag is made of a high grade material that blocks out all light, and is completely re-sealable to keep out air and moisture. This keeps the food fresher for longer, which means better taste and nutrition.”

For further information go to Tetra’s website at or contact Tetra on 08700 554020.