New weather patterns bring opportunities

The lawn, although always under threat from new trends, remains a British favourite. “Not many people realise the value of grass,” explains Miranda Harris, Marketing Manager for Johnsons Lawn Seed. “There are so many benefits especially when we have a commitment to easing climate change. It stabilises the soil and acts as a buffer against wind, water and erosion. Sixty square metres of lawn will produce enough oxygen for one person every day,” continues Harris. 
Grass cleans carbon dioxide, dust and other particles from the air and a lawn will trap water thus preventing run off.  As the water passes through, it is filtered, returning cleaner water to the ground below.  As well as these environmental benefits, it will enhance the value of our homes and provide an acceptable surface for relaxation and recreation.
Recent developments in grass breeding mean that species are better able to cope with unpredictable weather patterns. Two products that have received a lot of interest this season are All Weather Lawn Seed and Easy Lawn.  The first mixture is great for those looking for long term drought tolerance or the ability to cope well in water logged conditions – in other words it does what it says on the box!
Easy Lawn contains microclover mixed with lawn seed and has recently been awarded the Waterwise Marque.  Many years of breeding have resulted in revolutionary microclovers which, when sown in a lawn mixture can produce outstanding results while at the same time demonstrate green credentials!  Together with excellent drought tolerance, this mixture offers an environmental alternative with the reduced need for both Nitrogen and water.  The healthy and dense growth pattern helps to crowd out weeds and prevent new ones establishing so less herbicides too.
Climate change is a scientific fact and taking action is becoming imperative.  Gardens, gardeners and gardening can play an important role in environmental protection as seen with these two products. Visit Hall 5 Stand G20 to find out more.
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