No cut too far with Bahco

Bahco’s new SuperLIGHT® Telescopic Hedge Shears and Bypass Loppers are the perfect addition to the gardener’s tool kit. Both feature superlight weight aluminium handles to enable gardeners to cut back dead winter foliage or shape overgrown hedges without the risk of strain or fatigue.

The SuperLIGHT® hedge shear has been designed with comfort in mind. The shock absorbing buffer and soft plastic handles provide a comfortable grip and help prevent fatigue. The 105cm extended handle length makes hard-to-reach places more manageable, and features a strong locking system, keeping the telescopic handle secure whilst working. The narrow, low-friction blades slice cleanly through wood without needing excessive force.

Keeping to the traditional lopper shape, the SuperLIGHT® bypass lopper also features new telescopic handles which extend up to 99cm, and lock securely in place for a safe cut. An anti-friction blade coating guarantees even easier cutting through the hardest wood, and is suitable for cutting branches up to 40mm.

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