Nursery introduces Eucomis ‘Pineapple Princess Glitter’

Eucomis 'Pineapple Princess Glitter'ONE OF the UK’s leading nurseries in Hereford has this month (September, 2014) unveiled a new plant.


Eucomis ‘Pineapple Princess Glitter’ is new and exclusive to Wyevale Nurseries and was bred by New World Plants.


Adam Dunnett, Sales and Marketing Director, explained: “This Pineapple Lily has an exotic look but is surprisingly easy to grow, and is particularly suitable for growing in containers.


“The strong burgundy flower stem is crowned with a tuft of leaves, the dark flower buds open to a rose and cream with golden stamens, which glitter, adding a real sparkle to this impressive plant.


“The long, elegant, dark green/burgundy foliage has a lovely crinkled edge, which is reason enough to stock this plant, and the foliage does compliment the flower extremely well.


“Eucomis thrives in a sunny position, frost hardy, it will survive winters in the southern parts of the UK, but will require protection elsewhere, or if in containers moving to a sheltered position. The RRP is £12.99.”


Wyevale Nurseries is one of the largest family-run wholesale nurseries in the UK. It was established in 1928 by Harry Williamson, a horticulturist and entrepreneur. It became the company it is today under the leadership of his son, Peter, who sadly passed away in 2011.


The Williamsons’ saw the opportunity to sell their product to an undeveloped retail market, creating one of the first garden centres, followed by a chain. In 1987, the retail side needed to expand and the 19 garden centres were sold as a PLC.


The family then turned its focus to Wyevale Nurseries Ltd. It continues to be a family-run business with ownership and joint chairmanship currently being held by the third generation, Heather and Simeon Williamson, with plans for the fourth generation to takeover in the future.

Wyevale Nurseries has a significant product range and is regularly introducing new plants. It offers a large variety of trees, shrubs, hedging, herbaceous and specimen plants to garden centres, landscape contractors, local authorities, foresters and landowners.

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