Performance, environment and climate drive new developments

Performance, environment and climate is driving new developments at William Sinclair Horticulture.

As part of their New Year resolutions retailers may want to identify the key sales opportunities for 2008. The answer lies in the trends and for 2008 greener gardening is still high on the agenda. Carbon Footprints, recycling and organic issues are a growing influence on purchasing patterns. However, climate issues are also driving in change to gardeners’ shopping patterns. As a result of these trends, it’s possible to predict that sales opportunities for 2008 will arise from those products which are high performance, or which help gardens and plants tolerate climate extremes. 

Consumers are looking for signposts that tell them they are getting the quality, performance and environmentally sensitive products they want. Brands provide these signposts in a clear way, engaging customers to build trust and ensure repeat purchases, often at higher prices. Good brands like J. Arthur Bowers and New Horizon have developed to provide exactly the assurance, inspiration and performance that 2008’s consumer is looking for.

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