Plant Finder to include ‘houseplants for every room’

A new section dedicated to houseplants has been launched on Joy of Plants’ Plant Finder software, to help meet the recent resurgence in houseplants sales from garden centres.

Following figures from the Garden Centre Association (GCA) revealing sales were up 15.38% in November, Joy of Plants has upgraded its software to include a new ‘houseplants for every room’ section.

Terri Jones, managing director of Joy of Plants in Twyford, said: “Compared to the same month in 2018, November 2019 saw a huge leap in sales of houseplants at GCA member garden centres. It’s a noticeable on-going trend. Sales were up 13.47% on last year in October too.

“We’ve seen a huge demand for information on houseplants as well, so we’ve also updated our ‘houseplants by type’ group to meet this increase in interest. Houseplants were becoming steadily unpopular since the 1980s, but for the past 18 months they have been back in fashion and sales have blossomed.

“Lifestyle magazines and online influencers have ensured that modern indoor plants are home accessories, bought to emphasise a look or to make a statement as they can complement the colour themes of your home.

Joy of Plants, which is a plant information company, created the Plant Finder and Touchscreen Kiosk for garden centre’s websites and plant areas to ensure customers have a smoother virtual and real garden centre experience.

The company’s Plant Finder Touchscreen Kiosks in plant areas help customers find the plants they require and, also, assist staff with providing the right horticultural information. Joy of Plants also provides Plant Finder software via garden centres’ websites so consumers can also find out about plants from the comfort of their armchairs or potting sheds via their personal devices.