Portable Gardening is on-trend for Squire’s!

69.99 Like Fashion, gardening trends come and go and 2014 has unearthed ‘Portable Gardening’ as one the biggest trends yet, according to Squire’s Garden Centres.

Latest figures from the family run garden centre business reveal 15% increase in sales versus last year are the result of a demand for container planting products- for both outdoors and also as indoor living space features. Trending plants include Hellebore and Camellia for outdoors and indoors the star performers are cacti, succulents and asparagus ferns.

Indoor terrariums are a simple way to bring life into your home even in the darkest days of winter. Self-contained and low-maintenance, they are easy to grow and care for, even if your fingers are not particularly green. Plant one up in any clear glass container using cactus soil and small plants, succulents and air plants. As they are self-contained, they are less messy than larger plants and are cat and toddler proof. A true, sealed terrarium rarely needs water, which makes them easy to care for.

This autumn Squire’s is also launching an exclusive range of beautiful indoor garden art and sculptural pieces combining cacti, orchids and succulents beautifully arranged in contemporary wooden frames that are perfect for hanging on the wall. These readymade, ‘mini’ gardens are perfect for transforming living space with little effort – and they make the perfect gift too with prices ranging from £9.99-£69.99.

“As residential space shrinks, especially in densely populated urban areas, people are finding new and innovative ways to create impact in how they utilise outdoor and indoor spaces. It’s a natural step on from the nation’s obsession with baking, sewing and home-crafts.” says Sarah Squire, Deputy Chairman at Squire’s Garden Centres.

“We’ve noticed a trend in people wanting to garden anywhere, no matter how small the space is or how long they’ll be there – there’s a big move to find ways to make your living space green and more alive with the flexibility to take it with you when you move on. Anything goes, whether it’s transforming old bikes into living gardens and using discarded windows to create mini greenhouses or turning old storage buckets into homemade balcony gardens for their fruit and veg. Indoor terrariums have long been popular in other countries especially the US and in Northern Europe and can make amazing centrepieces and talking points.

“With a fantastic range of container plant products and glass containers at all of our centres, we’re only too glad to offer help and planting advice on ways people can turn their creative ideas into reality.”

Squire’s Garden Centres also offer a premium range of stunning ready-made planters that are perfect for instant transformations. ‘Planted By Squire’s’ feature contemporary and distinctive statement pieces – each one is unique in its design with different planting combinations, carefully selected and potted by the experts at Squire’s. Prices from £29.99.

For more information on ideas, inspiration and how-to advice when it comes to portable gardening please visit your local Squire’s centre or www.squiresgardencentres.co.uk.