Posh Shed Company highlights changing market trends

The garden shed is more than the means of storage it once was, according to The Posh Shed Company.

The company, which manufactures handcrafted sheds, suggests that modern sheds have become a stylish feature that sit at the heart of the garden and are increasingly seen as an extension of the home. Because of this, gardeners are taking more pride than ever before in their shed, the design and its colour.

The Posh Shed Company chief executive Richard Frost explained: “Sheds have become more than just an outdoor cupboard piled high with gardening products and overspill from the house! Our customers come to us looking for a stylish, unique solution to create an extension of the house and living space, whilst having the practicalities of a traditional shed. Aesthetics have become of huge prominence in the design stage, with one of the biggest considerations being the colour of the shed.”

the-potting-shed-ludlow-ashThe Posh Shed Company has seen a noticeable change in colour trends with popularity shifting in phases. “When we first started out customers were wanting more traditional browns and natural wood looks, which soon shifted to bright colours to stand out,” Richard commented. “However, more recently we’ve noticed that people are wanting subtler shades to blend into the garden and our most popular colour palettes are pastel blues and greys.”

The Posh Shed Company is not the only one to have noticed this trend. One of its paint suppliers, the Little Greene Paint Company, has also recognised a change in the most popular colours and has even introduced a new blue collection to meet the demand.

Little Greene Paint Company marketing director Ruth Mottershead said: “After the introduction of the grey colour card, we found our customers were choosing the warm, slightly pink grey shades – two years later we have seen a shift from these warm greys to the cooler greys with blue undertones. As a result of this, we introduced the ‘Blue’ collection and have seen a noticeable increase in the number of customers using bolder, dark blues such as Hicks’ Blue and Royal Navy.”