Quality formulations gain garden centre support for Bord na Móna Growise

The award-winning supplier of growing media and soil improvers has built its reputation on the reliable supply of consistently high-quality products, across both retail and professional markets. With over 10 years of research, innovation and development, Bord na Móna Growise has established its position as one of the industry’s premier supplier, and one of the fastest growing garden centre brands.

Most recently, the company launched its Growing Media Academy and Raw Materials Information Guide to retailers and garden centre staff, providing the essential training tools required to create more knowledgeable and confident sales champions across the UK. The educational initiative, which aims to demystify some of the misconceptions around growing media, will continue to build over the next 18 months through informative, multi-channel content for all horticulturalists – both trade and consumer.

Steve Harper, Head of Commercial for Bord na Móna UK, explains; “We recognise that selecting the right growing media can be confusing for consumers, with purchasing often based on price and ease of use as opposed to best-suited product for the task in hand. This stems from a general lack of understanding around the technical make-up of different blends. In order to educate the end consumer, we first need to support garden centre staff in their knowledge of what sets these different formulations apart from one another.”

With an ongoing commitment to independent growing trials and product development,

Bord na Móna Growise is continually benchmarking its top-performing products based on plant growth and health. All formulations are packed with macronutrients for added strength, rich in micronutrients for healthy plant growth, and contain a stable pH for optimum results. Each blend also contains excellent re-wetting properties to allow for easy water management, as well as good storage properties to ensure season-long performance.

A standout product in the range is the Pro 5 All Purpose Compost – a real innovation in the premium multipurpose compost category. The carefully crafted, professional grade formula includes a blend of high quality Irish peat and sustainable alternative ingredients, along with essential plant nutrients to produce a premium compost perfect for germinating seeds, growing on seedlings, tubs and baskets.

From all-rounder multipurpose to specialist ranges and pioneering plant food, the award-winning Bord na Móna Growise formulations are designed to achieve the very best performance, whatever the task.

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