Qwickhose crowned 2022 GIMA Innovators Seed Corn Fund winners

Another year and another highly deserving winner of the GIMA Innovators Seed Corn Fund (GISCF). For 2022 it is the team at Qwickhose that reigns victorious, having impressed the judges with its remarkable solution to the common issues associated with hose pipe connectors. Here we find out more about this year’s winners and those that just missed out on the coveted prize.

Qwickhose was borne during lockdown when a portfolio of previous concepts was turned into a reality. As outdoor living stole the focus when millions of people turned to their gardens for entertainment, the team at Qwickhose put their hearts and souls into the creation of this simple yet effective solution to hosepipe connector issues.

Recognising the issues that come from standard hosepipe connectors breaking under force, popping off mid-use or simply taking too long to install, Qwickhose is designed to alleviate all these frustrations.  Built to be long-lasting and robust, the Qwickhose Hose Connector uses a unique winged clamping system for quick and easy connection. Simply push the hose onto the inner tube, clamp the wings shut and secure them with the nut. The extra-long connector then acts as a handle. Unlike traditional hose connectors, there are no breakable teeth, making it more reliable, longer-lasting and leak-free.

Beating off stiff competition and judged by a panel made up of both Glee and GIMA representatives, Qwickhose will now receive support up to the value of £6,000 to help with development and marketing costs associated with entering the UK garden retail market. This includes a year of full GIMA membership and a wide range of business support tools.

In addition to choosing a winner, the panel also selected two shortlisted companies – Cheeky Charlie Ovens and Seedbooks. The first is a new concept in charcoal cooking which takes the principles of professional ovens to create an exciting new chapter for al fresco dining, whilst each of the Seedbooks combines up to six different seed varieties, supported with recipes and growing tips.

GIMA Director, Vicky Nuttall said: “We are so pleased to name Qwickhose as our eighth GIMA Innovators Seed Corn Fund winner.  Not only does the Qwickhose offering provide an alternative to existing hosepipe connectors, but it is clear from the design and construction that this is a product that has been passionately and carefully designed. I am sure this is one product garden and DIY retailers will want to see.”

To find out more about the GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund please join GIMA on-stand at 7G40-6A41.

Qwickhose can be found at Glee within Hall 19 Stand H58


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Five minutes with…..Qwickhose Business Development Manager, Michelle Doughty


How does it feel to be crowned GISCF winner this year?

We are thrilled to be the winners of the GIMA Innovators Seed Corn Fund 2022! When I took the call from Vicky (GIMA Director), I was momentarily speechless, it was hard to take in everything she was saying as I was in total shock and desperate to share the news with the Qwickhose team. It’s such a great feeling when something we believe in, that has absorbed so much of our time over the past two years, is recognised in this way. We are a very happy team!


How did you hear about the GIMA Innovators Seed Corn Fund?

I found the GIMA website by chance whilst googling new product awards that we could potentially enter to increase our brand awareness. I then had several conversations with the GIMA team about the GIMA Awards, the Garden Press Event and also GIMA Membership. During these conversations, the GISCF was mentioned, and I knew we had to enter. Safe to say, I am thrilled we did!


Do you have any experience in the garden retail sector?

No experience at all – yet! This is our very first introduction to the garden industry. For the last 20 years we have been running a successful building / development company, so this is very new to us all. We’re ready to learn however and have undertaken a huge research project to create a product that we believe fills a gap in the market and can help to increase consumer confidence.


What’s the long-term goal for Qwickhose?

We’d love to see Qwickhose stocked in the likes of Dobbies or Blue Diamond and for our product/s to become a household brand as we further extend the range of products available.


What’s the Qwickhose difference?

We are a family-run business, with all our products designed and manufactured in the UK. We have created hosepipe connectors that utilise unique wing ‘clampers’ that are currently patent pending. Our products do not include breakable teeth and are all made from UV-stabilised premium-grade recyclable plastics, supported with recyclable packaging printed with eco-friendly ink.

“The Qwickhose difference – the Qwickhose Hose Connector is easy to use and has a unique winged clamping system for quick and easy connection. Simply push your hose on to the inner tube, clamp the wings shut and secure with the nut. The extra-long connector then acts as a handle. There are no breakable teeth like other connectors on the market. Qwickhose offers long-lasting high-quality assurance.”