Rockdust® article generates record sales phone calls

SEER Rockdust hit the headlines in the February 6th edition of Garden News, the weekly consumer publication that gives hands on gardeners help and information on gardening.
Since its publication the head office of Scottish company Angus Horticulture, who have exclusive rights to the distribution of this product, has been inundated with callers trying to get details of their local stockist from which to buy the product. Since there are very few in England, this has been difficult and has resulted in Angus having to direct callers to as far away as a hundred miles. In many cases they have sent product out themselves, although they would prefer sales to go through garden centres.
Rockdust® contains  in excess of 75 minerals and trace elements and plants take up just what they need. This product makes even the most overused and previously mineral deficient soil capable of growing large tasty and fantastic produce. The proof comes from many many users who have been converted to Rockdust for some time and the SEER centre in Scotland, set up by Moira and Cameron Thompson who, after 13 years of getting amazing results  by using the Rockdust, have dedicated themselves to spreading the word.
Angus offer a range of products, POS and display material. To find out more call them on 01241 829049 and see how your garden centre can benefit from this runaway product.