Smart Garden hub in full swing

Smart Garden’s new 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Peterborough is now fully operational.

Managing director Jonathan Stobart commented: “With all this extra space at our disposal and continued growth, we decided to increase our stocks levels by 50% over 2017 to around £50m at retail prices.

“Following a year of detailed planning, seeing our new Eureka hub in full swing is very gratifying. The Smart ‘Human Dynamos’ that run it, led by Gary Ackers and Todd Starnes, have excelled themselves. Our operating systems are working well and there seems to be no limit to the volume of goods and orders we can now receive, store, pick and despatch each day.”

Jonathan added that, from June, the business would be rolling out the red carpet at Peterborough for as many visitors as possible when their expanded showrooms are completed. He said: “There is plenty of room to show off our existing ranges plus the 400 or so ‘hot’ new products currently in development!”