Smart Garden Products acquires Outside-In Designs®

5063000-York-Clock-Outside2CroppedSmart Garden Products are on the move again with the recent acquisition of Outside-in Designs, the UK gardening industry’s most successful range of home and garden clocks.

The new range of best selling clocks will be launched in June with a new packaging design for stock availability in September.

“So many of our customers approached us, unprompted, last year saying they wished we could do the Outside-in range of clocks for them as they were having trouble getting hold of them,” commented Paris Natar, Chairman of Smart Garden Products, “and after discussions with their MD, Simon Grimes, he decided to sell the business to us, together with its designs and brands. With Simon’s guidance, we are now planning on launching a re-invigorated range in early June and taking orders for delivery from September onwards, in plenty of time for the pre-Christmas gift season. The range will include all of the best sellers at absolutely the right price points…..and bespoke POS displays will complete the offer. We are very excited about the prospects for this new brand and business within the Smart family of products!”

Simon Grimes added: “The Outside-in business grew so quickly that frankly we struggled to keep pace with the stock investment required to maximise its potential. So placing it in the experienced and financially strong hands of Smart is the perfect solution and in everyone’s interests”.

For details of this exciting new range of Clocks, please contact your Smart Garden Sales Manager.