Smart Garden Products launches at Glee

SmartSolar&Garden ImageSmart Garden Products Limited, formerly Smart Solar Limited, will be launched at Glee with over 350 new products. The ‘Smart Solar’ brand has been refreshed and is being retained for solar products. A new brand, ‘Smart Garden’, is also being launched to reflect the company’s diversification into several new categories of garden products.

With new packaging, point of sale and merchandising across the entire range, garden centre buyers can have confidence in the innovation, quality and price points of the new ranges.

Designed to offer garden centres a broad product choice backed by outstanding service from an established provider, these 350 new products are merely the leading edge of an ambitious product development programme that will continue to unfold in the coming months.

In order to design, develop and introduce this product range and to ensure that customers continue to receive the same high levels of customer service as sales increase, the Smart team has more than doubled in size to over 50 staff who have now moved into a brand new 15,000 sq ft office and showroom facility in Abingdon.