Spear & Jackson’s PredatorTM Garden Saw takes a bow

The new 18 inch PredatorTM Garden Saw from Spear & Jackson – the UK’s leading manufacturer of gardening tools – offers great all-round cutting performance in a handy compact woodsaw style format, and represents a superb sales and profit opportunity for distributors and resellers.

The teeth are induction hardened and last up to five times longer than conventional teeth – so limiting the need to change the blade during its working life. The rigid 0.91mm thick blade minimises whip and vibration, making it easy to handle in use, while the ergonomic soft feel handle with built-in finger guide provides not only comfort but also accuracy.

Tests have shown that the Predator Garden Saw is particularly good for tackling green (wet) wood. It makes light work of small and medium thick branches (up to 75mm), getting the job done in up to half the time taken by conventional garden saws.

Packaged in a new style, reversible printed sheath for additional impact and ease of display, the Predator Garden Saw maintains the distinctive green livery that is  synonymous with the Spear & Jackson brand and recognised universally by gardeners.

The saws are available in printed display boxes of ten units.

For further information please telephone 0114 281 4242.