Spectacular summer gardens with innovative Australian Tesselaar International

Innovative Australian, Tesselaar International (Tesselaar), is enjoying growing success in Europe through its distributor network with a broad spectrum of plants and flowers from its range.
Many of Tesselaar’s plants appeal to customers because of their superior quality, hardiness and exotic colour. For example, Tesselaar’s Tropicanna Gold forms a dramatic focal point in any garden. It is spectacularly tall – growing to a statuesque 1.2 metres in the first year reaching almost two metres in subsequent years. Tropicanna Gold boasts beautiful tangerine-coloured flowers with a distinctive golden edging, which are set off by distinctive green and gold striped leaves which hold their brilliant variegation all season long.  The contrast of the orange, gold and green colours makes Tropicanna Gold an incredibly eye-catching feature of any garden.
This year Tesselaar launched an enormously versatile new hybrid Cordyline to their range Festival Grass. The beautiful, cascading deep burgundy coloured foliage can be used in pots, planters, rockeries and even indoors. It works equally well on its own or mixed with other flowers.
Festival Grass is so easy to grow and is perfect for low-maintenance gardening – and because it is so simple to maintain it’s also a great way to brighten up office buildings or communal gardens. It can be planted in pretty much any free draining soil, pot or planter without the need for messy or expensive fertilisers, it can grow in only partial sun and it’ll even survive light to moderate frost. It is usually not susceptible to disease or pests, so requires practically no tending. 
When mature, this fantastically easy to grow plant spreads 120cm and never grows more than 100cm in height – unlike the usual tall growing Cordylines! Festival Grass offers the best of both worlds – simple, predictably stunning results without any headaches over growing or upkeep.
Anthony Tesselaar, president and co-founder of Tesselaar International, has the benefit of three generations of family immersed in horticulture. Anthony provides vision and impetus for the business, overseeing all aspects of the company’s growth, to help bring beautiful, easy-care environmental friendly plants and products.
Tesselaar International is based on the philosophy – “Brilliant by Nature”. Anthony explains how the logic of this philosophy is ingrained into the company’s success.
“Having grown up in the industry, I can see the value of de-mystifying the act of gardening for those who don’t happen to have the knowledge. Everyone should be able to enjoy the satisfaction and rewards that come from a garden. We search for mother nature’s brilliant plants – that are so easy to grow”.
Tesselaar has enjoyed great success in the UK so far. For example, the company has doubled production of the Bluestorm Agapanthus this year, to keep up with consumer demand.
The company has developed an international network of breeders, and markets its plants successfully throughout Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA. The Tesselaar team visit plant breeders around the world to find new and exciting plants that are outstanding, have long flowering periods and are easy to grow.
The Anthony Tesselaar International Head Licensee for European Union Countries is Patrick Fitzgerald.
Please contact Patrick on pfitzgerald@tesselaar.com or call on +353 56 772 8418 or visit http://www.tesselaar.com/