Sugru Available at Wyevale Garden Centres

Two Best DIY Product Awards for Sugru in 2015Award-winning mouldable glue to arrive in outlets from May

Having recently been named ‘Best DIY Product 2015’ by the British Hardware Federation, mouldable glue, Sugru, will be branching out into garden retail for the first time this year supplying stock to Wyevale Garden Centres from May.


Handy for any number of small home improvement projects, Sugru is a unique material made to stick to as many things as possible forming a strong bond to aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and other materials including some plastics and rubbers.


Often used to repair and enhance everything from  tools to hiking boots, the make and mend capabilities that Sugru provides is likely to appeal to the creative and resourceful mindset of Wyevale’s large customer base.


“The Wyevale Garden Centre customer might spend half a day in store browsing, and may not expect to come across a tool like Sugru,’ says UK sales manager Brian Bott. ‘It’s just that kind of discovery that we find most exciting about partnerships in new sectors.


“Sugru is sold in over 160 countries worldwide and we see brilliant garden applications time and time again. Improving the grip on a trowel right and repairing garden furniture through to patching up wellies – we know people who spend time in the garden, generally love using Sugru. To launch into the sector with Wyevales makes good business sense and we’re excited for what else lies ahead.”


Currently stocked at a range of DIY and outdoor stores including B&Q and Blacks, Sugru’s durable and weatherproof properties will also prove an important selling point to those customers whose leisure time is mostly spent outdoors.