Sussex nursery launches B2C brand in bid to ‘make plants cool again’

A plant nursery in West Sussex has launched a new B2C brand with the aim of making house plants ‘cool’ once more.

For young professionals and busy parents, making your home look stylish, with minimal effort, is what it’s all about these days. And according to Hill Brothers near Chichester, the addition of a green plant can make all the difference when it comes to health, happiness and overall style.

The Little Botanical website offers B2C and B2B customers the chance to bring to life a vision of effortless beauty through the kind of seasonally focused, attractive plants that will enhance the look of any indoor space and the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

The idea is to show people in their 20s and 30s how succulents, such as the aloe vera medicine plant, Crassula or Echeveria, can actually be very simple to care for and complement a busy life.

A study last year by The Royal College of Agriculture in Cirencester claimed students had a 70% higher level of attentiveness in rooms containing plants. But that’s not all… there are some excellent reasons why everyone should have greenery at home:

Plants can enhance air quality by purifying the air, which increases the amount of oxygen through photosynthesis. This improved air quality can add to the overall feeling of wellbeing and calm. They also look gorgeous and are easy to look after.

Some of the best air purifying plants include Sanseveria (more commonly known as Snake Plant) – not only one of the hardest house plants to kill, but it looks cool and helps remove toxins in the air.

Some succulents have health giving properties all of their own, such as the wonderful aloe vera plant. These just need the right amount of water and a good source of sunlight to be happy and healthy. And there’s first aid right there in the form of a soothing gel when you break one of the leaves in half.

Hills managing director Greg Hill said: “The biggest trend for indoor plants right now is ‘more is more’. In short, filling your home with as much green as you can to create a perfect indoor jungle.

“With this in mind, the rise of the infamous Monstera Deliciosa has become the hottest plant for any urban indoor gardener. These easy to care for big green house plants grow super-fast and create a real statement in the home.

“The positive experience of existing with nature in an interior space is hugely underrated – we want people to see the benefits of plants that are easy to care for, to help reduce the constant stresses of modern life”.

With The Little Botanical, the aim is to use the experience of the Hill’s team to reach more consumers directly and enable a larger community of plant lovers.

Greg added: “We have a close relationship with many of the world’s plant breeders and growers which enable us to grow some of the best plants available and source with confidence from our friends overseas.”

In their mission to inspire more people to make plants part of their lives, The Little Botanical will supply wholesale as well as direct to consumers via their ecommerce website.