Tetra makes a stand with AquaArt

Following last year’s successful launch of its AquaArt 30 and 60 litre aquariums, Tetra, the global leader in fish food, treatments and equipment, has now produced new high quality AquaArt stands for both tanks. The 30 litre goldfish AquaArt stand and 60 litre tropical AquaArt stand will be available from Tetra immediately with RSPs of £41.99 and £59.99 respectively.

Like the AquaArt aquariums themselves the stands are modern and innovative in design with curves that fit those on the tanks. They offer a convenient hole in the back which allows other equipment to be fitted and leads to be tidied away, and plenty of storage space for food and care products. They are made from high quality water resistant materials with a fully sealed top surface to prevent spillages leaking into the cabinet, and slip-proof feet.

The 30 litre stand comes with three deep shelves and measures 381mm wide, 725mm high and 256mm deep. The 60 litre stand (pictured) measures 609mm wide, 725mm high and 306mm deep. The 60 litre stand also comes with a silk screen glass door. 

For further information telephone 08700 554020 or e-mail tetrauk@tetra.net