The Darban’s of Datchet reign on

When it comes to being the life and soul of the party there is no couple more willing to participate than garden tools directors of Darlac Ltd Peter and Maggie Darban, and this weekend was no exception.

DarlacIn their local village of Datchet near Windsor, Peter entertained crowds when he dressed up as a Beefeater and spent many hours inviting children and adults alike into the wonderful castle – all made by himself, so that they could have their picture taken with a life sized cut-out of
the Queen, in honour of her on-going 90th birthday celebrations.

As the village green of Datchet filled up, over 300 children and adults alike passed through the castle doors, where they were delighted to sit on the throne – again all hand-made by Peter – and have their picture taken with ‘The Queen’. The photo opportunity was part of a ‘fun-day’ organised by the local Parish Council, where both Peter and his daughter Lisa are elected members.

Other entertainment included Punch & Judy, Make Your Own Crown and a bouncy castle, and to finish off the traditional English theme there was of course the ever popular strawberries and cream to be eaten too.

Darlac’s in-house designer and photographer, Kate Krezel (pictured right) also pitched- in for the day, and took lots of photos of happy smiling children enjoying themselves in what was deemed a great community occasion and which was enjoyed by all who attended.