Tom Chambers celebrates growth with new products

This season has been an exciting time for Tom Chambers with sales continuing to grow throughout every part of its bird care range. On the back of such a successful year, the launch of the 2020 collection has plenty of new products, helping to build on this success.

New designs have been added to the best selling range of handcrafted bird tables including the ‘Oswald’ with detailed owl etching and the ‘Warbler’ which features a decorative engraving of a bird.

A brand new blend of Multi Seed & Nut Mix is available in an extra fill ‘red top’ promotional pack. The blend contains ingredients including sunflower hearts and kibbled peanuts blended to attract the widest variety of birds. All Tom Chambers bird food bags are now fully recyclable.

Additions to the Tom Chambers range of feeders include a new collection of traditionally crafted wooden feeders all made from sustainable timber. The range of pre-filled ‘Easy Feeders’ have an easy ‘screw’ lid and base for filling and cleaning to make feeding birds as simple as it should be.

A range of display solutions is available offering high impact POS to attract customers. Hand crafted display stands present products effectively and colour coordinated packaging for seeds and peanuts make shopping easier.